What’s Online Poker Gambling Like in South Korea?

online poker In South Korea there’s no specific law ordering SoKor citizens not to engage in online poker (온라인포커 ) or any kind of Internet-based gambling. Nowadays, it’s possible to bypass the country’s gambling restrictions by playing at an online gambling site that uses VPN or Virtual Private Network. It’s an advanced communication technology in which servers send end-to-end encrypted messages between senders.

South Koreans Entertain the Notion that Poker is Not a Game of Chance

The growing popularity of online poker in South Korea and across many countries, is largely influenced by the notion that poker is a game of skill and not of chance. Not a few Koreans are inclined to think that if the government will see poker as a game of skill, playing live poker games offline or online will be an exception to the country’s gambling ban.

Unfortunately, the prohibition against gambling activities extends to other countries. Take notice that there are no known South Korean tournament contenders in popular and major Poker Championship Events held in other countries. Mainly because, the government of South Korea monitors the activities of SoKor nationals while abroad.

If a Korean national has been found guilty of engaging in any kind of gambling abroad, he or she stands to face three years of incarceration and pay fines of up to 20 million Won. Such punishments are clearly stated in the South Korea Criminal Act under Article 246.

Examples of Poker Skills

poker hand straight flushPro poker players believe that they can control the outcomes of their game play, by using skills, not only in determining the cards to play or to fold.

Poker adroitness includes having the ability to make opponents lose confidence over their hand by intimidating them with the amount of chips they staked as wager. Moreover, expert poker players have the knack for analyzing their opponent’s playing style; including the use of bluffing techniques.

One of the advantages of playing poker online is that one can obtain insights about opponents, by reviewing their poker history; usually the last 5 games played online in the same virtual poker room.

Kangwon Land Casino – the Only Casino Where Koreans Can Legally Gamble

Given that there are poker rooms in the country’s numerous casinos, local poker players are allowed to join live poker games only in Kangwon Land Casino. It’s the only casino where Koreans can legally engage in gambling as recreation.

However, since Kangwon Casino is located in a remote ski resort at the foot of Baegunsan Mountain in Jeongseon-gun , Gangwon-do, Korean poker players prefer to join in the virtual tables of online poker websites. Aside from the convenience of playing within the comfort of their home, playing poker online poses as a more economical option than going to Kangwon Land Casino.