A Quick Look at Some of the Fun Alternative Betting Options at Stake Casino

Stake.com is relatively a new online gambling website but is recently making a name for itself as a good source of lucrative betting, such as the totosite seven. Stake.com’s modern online sportsbook and online casino, includes lottery games known as toto betting in Asian countries.

Stake Casino uses the most modern software that allows online and mobile gambling for all players worldwide. It accepts both fiat money and cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin. The software is optimised for mobile devices supported by Android and iOS.

What Exactly is the Totosite 7?

In going back to the totosite 7 that many gamblers have been looking for, be in the know that Stake.com offers this kind of lottery game. To access the Toto games, go to the lottery page and then select Toto from the menu on the left side. When the dropdown menu reveals the choices of bet types, choose System 7 or 12, or stick to the Ordinary option. Bear in mind that you can activate only boards of the same type in one pane.

A System 7 lottery denotes that a player can have up to 7 numbers only, which also means the amount staked is multiplied by 7.

Now if players are looking for a Stake Casino betting option that can greatly increase the prize money, players are encouraged to join the Stake vs Eddie option. This is a fun and exciting betting game of competing vs. Eddie and other players, in terms of high multipliers.

BTW, Eddie refers to the founder of Stake Casino. Eddie Miroslav, who challenges interested Stake Casino players to beat the multiplier he attained by playing a specific game during the week.

The Stakes vs. Eddie event for the week, indicates the game, the multiplier to beat and inclusive period of the event. There is a $30K prize pool waiting, while the minimum bet that players can stake to participate in the challenge is 10 cents (USD). The share in the pooled prize will of course be proportionate to the amount deposited and staked as total bets.

Keep in mind that multipliers are determined by the amount of bet staked to produce a specific winning amount. Let us say a player wagered $1 on every spin, and was able to win $900 with a single spin, the player was able to produce a 900x multiplier. Although this is yet to be compared with the multiplier achieved by Eddie and other players and within the period of the Stake vs. Eddie event before it can be declared as the new multiplier to beat.