Appreciating the “Four Divine Beasts” Habanero Slot as a Gacor Slot

online slotA gacor slot is best described as a game with high RTP like the habanero slot title “Four Divine Beasts,” which Indonesian players can access at Danagg Official. It’s a 5-reel, 3-row slot game offering free-spins rounds,and random respins. During the free spins, any of the four featured Divine Beasts become Wild Symbols.

Gacor is an Indonesian slang term denoting that a slot has been designed with features that deliver high pays that are easy to win during engagements. “Four Divine Beasts” has an RTP rate of 96.60% to 96.80%.

bonus gameRTP by the way, stands for Return to Player, which refers to the percentage or proportion of winnings that a slot title bestows as rewards in relation to the total amount turned over by the game to online casinos. High RTP games yield either frequent wins or substantial payouts, which players gain from activating the bonus rounds along with their win-boosting elements.

About the “Four Divine Beasts” Habanero Slot

Since we mentioned that “Four Divine Beasts” is a fair example of a gacor slot, it’s only right that we give readers information about the game’s important features.

First off, the game has a regular Wild Symbol that can act as an alternate icon when appearing with alike tiles on a winline. Yet the best thing about the game’s WIld Symbol feature is that the images of any of the “Four Divine Beasts” can also act and pay as a Wild Symnbol during a bonus round. Apparently, the capability of any Divine Beast icon to do so, increases a player’s chances of completing winning combinations that can potentially deliver frequent or big payouts.

Secondly, this game has a Yin Yang Scatter Symbol that activates the Free-Spins Bonus Round when 3 or more emerge simultaneoulsy anywhere across the reels.

The “Four Divine Beasts,” namely the Azure Dragon, the Vermillion Bird, the White Tiger and the Black Turtle are also capable of activating a bonus round consisting of 7 free spins when emerging as a full reel image in Reel 1.

During base games, any of the four beast images also reward players with 2 random respins following a regular spin.

Take note that the Four Divine Beasts occur only once in every spin outcome but can expand vertically into a full reel image or horizontally on a straightline. Once all 7 bonus spins have been used, the round cannot be re-triggered, which means a player’s engagement reverts to regular play.

The Azure Beast appears only in Reels 1, 2 and 3. If it lands on Reel 1 as a full-reel image, the event will trigger a round of 7 free games. During the Bonus Game, a single-tile Azure Beast icon that acted as a Wild Symbol to help complete a winline combo, will expand as a full-reel image on the same tile. Doing so increases chances of completing winline combos in adjacent rows. In effect, such an occurrence will earn lucky players with high payouts.

The Vermillon Bird – During the 7 free games that a Vermillon Bird activates by emerging as a full image in Reel 1. The Divine Bird icon expands horizontally one position at a time, if it helped complete a winning winline. The expansion starts from the last tile where the bird image landed as a spin outcome.

The White Tiger – Similar to the Vermillon Bird, this Divine Beast symbol also expands horizontally one position at a time during a round of 7 free spins.

The Black Turtle – This Divine Beast image has features similar to the White Tiger, except that it’s capable of expanding horizontaly to cover 2, up to 3 positions simultaneously during the bonus round.