F1 Betting: How to Win in Every Race

F1 Race


Hot engines and impressive overtaking maneuvers – F1 provides many reasons to like it. Especially in Germany, Formula 1 enjoys an enormously large audience. Hardly surprising, after all, the drivers from the Federal Republic of Germany have been among the absolute top on the racetracks for many years. Similar to online betting on sites like Slot Gacor, Formula 1 betting is of course also enormously popular with the international audience, which in turn has an impact on the offers of the bookmakers. The Formula 1 bets can be found today in every well-assorted portfolio and are therefore available around the clock.

However, not all offers are to be assessed equally, as our little guide shows below.

Formula 1 betting: A part of the portfolios for decades

The first season of Formula 1 was held in 1950. Although the F1 bets have not yet been found in the portfolios of the bookmakers for quite that long, the motorsport tips are now part of the basic equipment of every betting provider. Despite numerous changes in the rules and in the cars, the enthusiasm for Formula 1 has not had to record any losses and is still considered unbroken. If you want to place successfully on the F1 sports bets, you should of course deal primarily with the rules. A championship season will be held over a total of 21 races.

The different results of the races are then managed and calculated according to a points system. The world champion at the end of a season is the driver who scored the most points in the 21 races completed. Since the 1958 season, in addition to the title for the drivers, a championship has also been held between constructors’ teams. In this case, the scores of all drivers of the team are always evaluated. Of course, the constructors’ team, which has the most points at the end of the season, also won.

Current Formula 1 Tips

Apart from the licenses and regulations, there are a few other aspects in the offer of a bookmaker that is of great importance for the fun of F1 sports betting. A core area is, for example, customer service. In the best case, the employees should be reachable in several ways and always take care of the concerns of the customers intensively. Of course, it is also positive if customer service can be used around the clock. Betting customers should also check the payment portfolios of the bookies. A good selection alone is not everything here, because especially the possible fees for the deposits and withdrawals can quickly drive the mood into the basement. It is also important to make sure that the transactions at the bookmaker are always encrypted and secured.


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F1 Betting Tips & Tricks: Successfully Betting on Formula 1

With the choice of the right betting provider alone, of course, no bet is won. Instead, it is of enormous importance for F1 betting to deal with the different circumstances. These include, for example, the individual drivers of each team, the overall ranking in the ranking, or the characteristics of each individual track. Precise preparation and information gathering are therefore the foundation for success, because only then can the bets on the F1 be placed correctly.

For the bets themselves, a low risk should then be in the foreground. So if you have not yet dealt so intensively with sports betting, you should first go to work with appropriate stakes. Even if your own bet seems safe, something unforeseen can quickly happen on the racetrack. To ensure that this does not have too costly effects, suitable applications are a clear must.

Only conditionally recommended for beginners are also long-term bets. If, for example, a bet is placed on the title win, the odds are usually temptingly high. However, a season is long and usually has numerous surprises in store. The high odds are no coincidence, after all, months before the end of the season can only be speculated to a limited extent.

Always recommended, however, is the use of special bonus offers for the F1 sports betting. The bookmakers are also apart from a new customer bonus for sports betting usually very open to special promotions and offers. For example, existing customers collect betting vouchers for their Formula 1 bets or can look forward to depositing bonuses from time to time with their betting provider.


The choice for fans of Formula 1 betting is huge in the industry these days. The bets on the motorsport events are offered at all bookmakers so that the tipsters do not have to look long before the first registration. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that the choice of provider may already be the first step towards success. The different offers should always be compared with each other, as possible strengths and weaknesses quickly become apparent. It is particularly important to look at the licenses because only licensed bookies are allowed to offer their bets at all.

When placing the bet itself, players should proceed with caution and not use too much of their own capital at once. If you stick to these simple aids, you will certainly have a lot of fun with the Formula 1 bets and in the best case also be permanently successful.