Reasons to Start Betting on Car Racing in Korea

Car Racing


Honestly, car racing is an unpopular sport in Korea. Over the past 10 years, a certain handful of people have tried to get motorsport to take root in the land, but the racetrack is still sparse.

Not all professional sports in the world are played for the sake of enjoyment by the participating players or teams. It exists for the amusement of the audience. The more spectators there are, the more capital is injected into it, and the sport develops. Conversely, if the spectator is turned away, the sport can no longer be debated for its value as a sport. It’s just a game.

Such is the case with motorsport in South Korea now. There are no spectators. So there’s no reason for companies to advertise or promote here. They don’t have money, so they can’t improve. It’s been this way for the past 10 years. Nevertheless, the race was able to continue to take place thanks to the dedication and hard work of a certain minority of race-loving people.

The reason why car racing is not popular is simple. Because it’s not fun. I don’t know anything about racing, so I’m not interested. Even if you go to a racetrack, it’s very interesting to see several race cars departing with a roar, but that’s it. After that, it’s just a continuation of the same spectacle. I wish the race car could continue to race where I could see it, but the race stand is big and quickly disappears. It appears after a while and then disappears again. So I don’t know the rankings and I’m tired of tracking down the race cars.

Having watched F1 for close to 10 years, I’m no different. Watching the Super Race recordings was not fun because there was no basic database of athletes’ inclinations and grades. I wish someone could explain it meticulously and funny, but the commentary and casters only talked about the race situation, and there was no storytelling that really caused the fun.


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There is only one way for motorsport in Korea to develop. You have to attract the audience. But racing isn’t fun, so you have to drag them to something else. The easiest way is to bet. Last year, horse racing generated a turnover of 7.6 trillion won. The right to vote for the promotion of the economy and athletics also generated staggering revenues of 2.2 trillion, 6808 billion, and 3.2 trillion won respectively. If there had been no limit to the number of gross sales, tens or hundreds of trillions of dollars might have gone up.

In July, Hwang Zhuhong, a member of the New Political Democratic Union, proposed the enactment of the Motor Vehicle Racing Act. Here’s what it says: “It will have a great effect on attracting Chinese and Japanese tourists to the region,” Hwang said, “and it will also have a huge budget, such as 1001 billion won in the Treasury and 5031 billion won in local expenses, but we can recoup the cumulative deficit of the F1 circuit, which reached 1902 billion won.” The proceeds will be used for utilities and regional development.

Most of the business of exploiting the dead planet, which is human nature, succeeds. Horse racing, horse racing, and racing are fun to watch, so people don’t look for races that much. Most of the time they go for betting. Of course, there are concerns about the promotion of asteroids and the manipulation of matches, but there are also huge social costs created here that contribute to the welfare of the people.

Horse racing, racing, and racing are bets, so why not car racing? There are already good races and there are many racers who want to run. In addition, betting is only allowed on foreigners, so there is no concern about people’s death.

Betting is not just a “means of winning money.” It’s a way to have more fun racing. Gather information and study to win the bet. The more knowledge you have about racing, the more fun it will become. And with the best places to bet that you can find in a 먹튀검증 (Eat-and-run verification) site, you will surely love to spend more time in it.

The development of motorsport is also directly related to the tuning project announced by the government. Many jobs will be created and will be a good nutrient for related industries and economic development. Let’s not dismiss betting as simply a four-way facilitator. Car racing betting would be a ‘good bet’.