Why Equestrian Betting Is So Popular

There is a very special connection between equestrian sport and sports betting. Many automatically associate the term horse racing with sports betting. Numerous films have dealt with gambling in combination with horse racing.

Big thrill in a short time

Certainly one of the main reasons for the popularity of sports betting in equestrian sports is the length of the event. True to the motto “Briefness is the spice of life”, a horse race often only lasts a few moments, depending on the distance. Anything can happen during this time. The tension is concentrated during the start and discharged shortly afterwards in the sprint to the finish. Accordingly, several races take place during a racing event. So variety is guaranteed.

Great variety in betting options

Another advantage of horse betting is the numerous betting combinations and betting options. The simplest variant is undoubtedly the classic win bet. You bet a certain amount on a horse with the desired odds and hope that the chosen animal will cross the finish line first. The place bet works on the same principle except that you predict the specific placement of the horse. The so-called double and triple bets are also very popular. Here the exact order of the first three or four horses is determined. Combo bets consisting of win or place combinations are also possible.

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Simple and safe deposit methods

Especially with online horse betting, the various deposit options are an advantage. Most betting sites like Evolution Casino – Gambling Guide (에볼루션 카지노 – 겜블가이드) business even give you great bonuses or a welcome credit when you register for the first time. In addition to classics such as bank transfer or credit card, you can also deposit with providers using PayPal. With the popular online wallet, you can enjoy all the benefits of a secure transaction. Other deposit types from the various horse betting providers now also include Skrill and Bitcoin, so they are moving in the direction of digital payment options.

Different race variants offer variety

Equestrian sports offer different race variants. In addition to the classic horse races, there are also trotting races, gallop races or other chariot races to be found in the bets. A lot of thrills are also offered in show jumping. Here rider and horse complete a timed obstacle course. The excitement lies less in the action of the race than in the execution and perfection of the lap.