Motorsports Betting: Starter’s Guide

Motorsports are one of the favorites of fans of sports betting. But it’s not always easy to place bets on motorsports, especially if you’re a beginner.

Choose the best sports betting site

First of all, you must select a secure sports betting site. This is because practically every month a new bookmaker comes on the market. And in such a complex world, not all of these platforms are reliable. Or, in the best of cases, they do not offer a quality service to their users. So, to make sure that the bookmaker is the most convenient.

This also applies in pragmatic slots (프라그마틱 슬롯), you have to choose a licensed and safe site. This way, you have the confidence that your deposits and withdrawals are authentic.

It must have the following Characteristics

  • License
  • Variety of events and markets
  • Competitive odds
  • Live bets
  • Streaming transmissions
  • Customer service 24/7
  • Diversity of payment methods

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Study the different events available

When you hear about motorsports, the first thing that comes to mind is Formula 1 and MotoGP. But in reality, the offer of events in this category is much broader. Such a way that, if you are starting in these conflicts, it is best to know all the options or at least the most popular. So, to help you in this task, these are some of the most popular competitions available to bet on.


  • Formula 1, Formula 2, and Formula 3
  • Rally Dakar
  • World Rallycross Championship
  • IndyCar Series
  • World Touring Car Cup


  • MotoGP
  • Superbikes
  • Enduro
  • Supersport
  • Motocross
  • Rally Dakar
  • Trial

Know all types of bets

You cannot bet without first knowing the types of bets or markets available. But each event has its particular markets, which can be confusing for beginners. So that you have a clearer idea, here are the main markets to bet on motorsports.

Early bets

  • Race winner
  • Drivers champion
  • Constructors’ Championship Winner
  • Pole position

Live betting

  • Stops
  • Breakdowns in the single-seaters
  • Dropouts
  • Banderas

Find the best odds

Experts’ advice is always that you bet to have fun, but if you can make a financial profit, much better. In this sense, you should know that not all platforms pay the same, even when it is an identical forecast. This is due to quotas.

This is a numerical indicator that allows betting sites to determine the value of each pick. In this way, the profit of eventual hits is calculated. In other words, it is the factor by which the amount of your bet is multiplied.