Loyalty Programs for Frequent Horse Racing Bettors

Do you bleed track colors? Do you desire more after a close finish? Love horse racing and frequent the betting windows? Loyalty schemes might enhance your enjoyment.

As You Bet, You Rise

Horse racing fans can join tiered loyalty programs at many online and retail sportsbooks. Bets usually earn points in these schemes. Gaining points unlocks tiers and a wealth of perks.

Bronze Level

Exclusive content, early betting line access, and sometimes free bets.

Silver Level

Expect better free bets, personalized offers, and members-only events.

Gold (and Beyond): VIP Treatment

Expect top-notch service, trackside hospitality, and large free bet prizes.

Beyond the Free Bets: Passionate Benefits

Loyalty programs go beyond free bets. Additional benefits may include:

Exclusive Odds

Bet on select races with slightly better odds. Access advanced information, form guides, and handicapping tools to improve your betting approach.

Experiences Beyond the Race

Some programs include VIP race excursions, special products, or stable visits.

Conclusion: Loyalty Benefits

Loyalty schemes might enhance your horse racing betting experience. These programs reward loyalty with free bets, special material, VIP treatment, and insider access. Sign up for a loyalty program the next time you bet and enjoy being a true horse racing fan.