Indonesia is Also Known for World Class Motorcycle and Bike Races

motoGP racesWhen the 2020 pandemic gripped nations into a state of immobility, not a few Indonesians took to playing with slot online as entertainment and as a source of extra income. Gambling in Indonesia is prohibited in light of the prevailing Sharia laws observed by a predominantly Muslim nation. Yet it’s a traditional culture that dates far back and before the archipelago was largely dominated by followers of the Islamic faith.

Actually, Indonesians are more inclined to engage in outdoor sports like cycling, kayaking and paddleboarding. These are physical activities that allow locals and tourists alike to enjoy the country’s picturesque scenery. After all, Indonesia is blessed with beautiful land and aquatic natural resources, which allow enthusiasts to engage in physical activities.

Indonesia’s Famous Mandalika Racing Circuit

There was a time when many hoped that the Indonesian Tourism Industry would go ahead with the pre-pandemic plan of upgrading the Sentul Circuit foundering located in Palembang, South Sumatra. The plan was actually in preparation for a bid to host MotoGP races. However, there had been hitches that led to the cancellation of the push to improve the Sentul Circuit.

motor and bike racing circuitsStill, everything ended well for Indonesian motor and bike racing fans since the Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation focused on developing the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit instead. Located in Lombok Island, the Tourism Department built a motorcycle and bike racing track which opened in 2021 as the Mandalika Racing Circuit. Since then, local and international racing fans witnessed the Superbike World Championship and rounds of MotoGP Asia Talent Cup that took place in the Mandalika resort area. Subsequently in 2022, the Mandalika Circuit became the official racing track for the Grand Prix Motorcycle Races.

Indonesian Gambling Enthusiasts Got Hooked on Playing Slots as Means of Augmenting Income

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