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Michael Jordan

He was the greatest basketball player for many, without a doubt, a legend and a reference that broke records in the NBA. He won more than 5 rings, led the Chicago Bulls to be the dream team, and is in the Hall of Fame.


Diego Maradona is a former Argentinian soccer player. He won with his national team the World Cup, and his goals in the finals were incredible and breathtaking. For many years he was considered the best player of all times.


The former Brazilian football player, Pelé, incomparable and superior, one of the most amazing players ever, led the Brazil team to win 3 World Cups, including 2 cups in a row, in 1958 and 1962.

For many he is the best player of all time, for others it’s Maradona but what is never discussed is the quality of the game that this man had in the pitch.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was an American boxer who reached the top, becoming 3 times world champion. He’s known as the best boxer of all times and has become a reference, an idol for anyone who ventures into the universe of boxing.

Babe Ruth

George Herman Ruth was one of the greatest baseball players in the United States. He’s in the Hall of Fame, he played 22 seasons in the MLB, reaching 10 finals in the World Series and winning 7 times. For many, he is the most important baseball player in history.

Michael Schumacher

This German was an F1 racing driver, having a really big impact on people for his skills and being the man with most titles won in F1, with 7.

Additionally, he received awards for ESPY or Bambi as the best pilot. His son Mick Schumacher is also a driver, and here you can find an exclusive interview that we had with him.

Petros Sampras

Pete Sampras or also nicknamed as The King of Swing was a tennis player, who unbelievably achieved being the No.1 in the world on the ATP list for almost 290 weeks. He won 14 Grand Slam and was between the best podiums competing with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Lance Armstrong

This American cyclist was excellent and really good at this sport. He also won 7 Tour de France races. But after some serious accusations, he was officially suspended for doping.