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Dan Wheldon Memorial Donation Page

Family Trust

The public is welcome to make contributions to the
Dan Wheldon Family Trust Fund:


In Person/By Mail

Fifth Third Private Bank
Attn: Dan Wheldon Family Trust
251 North Illinois St., Suite 1000
Indianapolis, IN 46204

All Fifth Third Bank branches also are accepting contributions in person, which will be routed to the account.

The Dan Wheldon Family Trust Fund is a taxable trust fund for the benefit of the Wheldon Family. Contributions to it are not considered charitable contributions, and could have federal gift tax consequences. Please consult your own legal or tax advisors regarding these potential tax consequences.

Alzheimers Association

In honor of Alzheimer's Association Champion, Dan Wheldon,
Donate to the Alzheimer's Association to the Alzheimer's Association.

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