Impossible Feats – 4 Facts About Diego Maradona

Impossible Feats 4 Facts About Diego Maradona 1 - Impossible Feats - 4 Facts About Diego Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona, an Argentinian soccer player, has become a legend in the sport, performing feats on the field that nobody had done before and scoring historical goals.

He’s had a long, prolific career in soccer, hence there are quite a few interesting little facts about him. Here are some we wanted to share.

World Record

As an outstanding player, and legend in the making, Maradona set world records with his feats. Just playing with Argentina he put 96 caps and 34 goals, under his belt. Additionally, he was contacted by several different teams throughout his career, both Argentinian and foreign, and they paid really well.

The Hand of God

Maradona might be the only soccer player scoring a goal with his hand and getting away with it. He played in four FIFA World Cups during his career, but certainly, the one he made history in, was back in 1986, in a match between Argentina and England. Not only did he score the goal of the century in that match, but the first goal he actually made with his hand, and it went un-penalized, so it was baptized “The Hand of God”.

All in all, Diego Armando Maradona had quite an outstanding career, and even though he is a controversial man, he will forever remain a legend. Having made world history more than once, we will always remember his amazing feats and how he rose from Argentina to the world.

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