4 Baseball Players Who Will Be Remembered Forever

4 Baseball Players Who Will Be Remembered Forever 1 - 4 Baseball Players Who Will Be Remembered Forever

Baseball is one of the most appreciated and iconic sports of the US, and that’s why we will show you the best baseball players of all history.

Roger Clemens

Clemens is one of two pitchers with 20 strikeouts in a game of 9 innings in the majors. Randy Johnson made 20 in a game, but it was in extra innings.

Notably, Clemens accomplished the feat twice. On April 29, 1986, against the Seattle Mariners at Fenway Park, and on September 18, 1996, against the Detroit Tigers at Tiger Stadium, ten years later. He achieved both by being with the Boston Red Sox.

In 2009 in deep talk, Cooperstown sports reporters came to the conclusion that the 3 best pitchers of the decade were Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, and Pedro Martinez, with Clemens being the 2nd in the voting with a 35 % Randy Johnson with 25% and Pedro Martinez with 40% of the votes.

Walter Johnson

He was a baseball player in the Major Leagues of the United States, he played his entire professional career for the Washington Senators and with them, he could achieve a World Series title.

Johnson is considered the best right-handed pitcher in league history, with a height of 1.85 m and long arms, his launches, according to testimonies of the time, were almost invisible. For his speed, one of his nicknames was Big Train, and it is estimated that his launches ranged from 156 to 159 kilometers per hour.

With decent temperament, and also being modest and friendly, he gained general admiration. During his baseball years, he never insulted any of his teammates, and he did not protest any bad decisions or intimidated the batters with malicious throws, despite being the all-time leader in batters beaten.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth is considered the best baseball player of all time. In his 22 years as a major league player, he was essential in both, the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Although he died in 1948, he still registers one of the best historical batting records, something that modern players have not yet been able to snatch.

Babe was a star inside and outside the playing field. While he played, he drew attention for his quality, and for his sometimes-unorganized life.

He loved eating, drinking alcohol and going to parties. He received the Catholicism in a religious reformatory and he got a great influence he would never have imagined.

Willie Mays

Mays, known for “Say Hey Kid” is considered the most complete player in history. He is a living legend of baseball, an American icon. He is considered by some specialists as the second-best player in history since he could hit, he could produce, field like the best, and he could run, he was determined in all the expression of the word.

There was not much money in his childhood in Alabama. He was born in 1931, his father was an amateur baseball player, and his mother played basketball and when he got to the big leagues there was no one like him. It has been difficult for someone to match him.

All these great stars of baseball will always be appreciated and admired by all of us for their hard work.

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