Meet the Legends – Chicago Bulls’ Best Season Ever

Meet the Legends Chicago Bulls Best Season Ever 1 - Meet the Legends - Chicago Bulls' Best Season Ever

The Chicago Bulls are considered one of the best teams for their victories from 1995-1996. A time when several legends emerged and benefited the team in an extraordinary way. That’s why we will tell you who they are.

Michael Jordan

The best news for the Bulls came on March 17, 1995, when Michael Jordan decided to return from retirement. Scoring 55 points before the New York Knicks in their fifth game after the return wasn’t bad at all.

The team decided to bring the team to the playoffs where after switching to the Hornets in the first round, they were unable to overcome The Eastern Conference champion, Orlando Magic, with players like Horace Grant, Anfernee Hardaway, and Shaquille O’Neal, Falling by 4 to 2.

The following year they lost B.J. Armstrong in the expansion draft, but instead, they managed a barter of players with San Antonio Spurs that sent Will Perdue to Texas in exchange for the league’s four times best rebounder, the controversial Dennis Rodman, old member of the mythical Bad Boys of the Pistons.

With five players like Harper, Jordan, Pippen, Rodman and Longley and perhaps the best substitutes in the league, with players like Kerr, Wennington, Toni Kukoc, Buechler, and Randy Brown, the Bulls managed to go from a balance of 47 wins and 35 defeats of the year before, to the record of 72-10.

Scottie Pippen

In the 93-94 season, he made his best game by leading the Bulls practically in every offensive and defensive section, getting the All-Star MVP and being a serious candidate for the regular season MVP.

He led the Bulls to a mark in the season of 55-27, they surpassed the first round easily against the Cleveland Cavaliers 3-0 and fell in a tight 4-3 against the New York Knicks that had the field factor to their favor.

In the 94-95 season, the Bulls fell again in the second round, this time against the Orlando Magic led by Shaquille O’Neal and Anfernee Hardaway. Even with Jordan back, the Bulls and Pippen were for the second consecutive year out of the fight for the title.

The following year, the arrival of Dennis Rodman and with Pippen and Jordan in great shape, the team achieved a historic moment, a mark of 72-10 in the regular phase that is the second-best record in the NBA because 73-9 is the best mark.

With this team as a base, helped by players like Kukoc, Ron Harper and Luc Longley mainly, the Bulls won 3 consecutive championships between 1996 and 1998.

Dennis Rodman

Rodman was transferred to the Chicago Bulls, with the intention of filling the empty space left by Horace Grant. The Bulls with Rodman, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan, who was returning from retirement, improved its previous season record with 25 victories which is 47-35 to 72-10.

His path to the finals was relatively easy and they won the title of NBA Champion 1995-1996, together, Rodman, Jordan and Pippen integrated the defensive team of the year, the first time three players of the same team did it.

These legends are retired. With no doubt, it is still a great team that today is formed by other people. These famous basketball players managed to reach the hall of fame for their incredible skills and their extraordinary dedication to this wonderful sport that most people like. Tell your friends who were your favorite players.

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