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My name is Ernest Hester, and I’m 38 years old. I have always been a fan of sports, and I think it was something that I inherited from my family. Every Sunday, watching sports matches on TV.

Along with my dad and my grandfather, it became a routine for us, developing into our favorite hobby, and we enjoyed it a lot.

Thanks to them, I learned a lot about different sports, and it didn’t matter if I never practiced them as a hobby or professionally. They really knew a lot about many of them, and talking about that was their favorite thing ever.

Living in a house where the main conversation was sports undoubtedly influenced me, and my dream was becoming a professional baseball player, but I ended up distancing myself from it and studying journalism in college.

Therefore, some time ago I decided not to forget my roots, what I really love, and I thought about doing something related to sports.

Taking advantage of the massive influence of the internet today, I decided to create Dan Wheldon Memorial, and that was the best decision I made a few years ago.

That’s how this sports web magazine was born. It is dedicated to providing all kinds of information, from articles, facts, recommendations, reviews, interviews, and also about athletes who are currently retired from their respective sports disciplines, but who became great legends.

If you are a sports lover, without a doubt this website will become the ideal one for you. Here you can learn more about these sports figures that you admire from TV, from football, baseball, basketball or any other sport, and know about their life out of the field.

Our goal is to inform you about unpublished things and to know how the life of each of the former athletes has been from their beginning until now, showing that, they are still human beings with normal lives just like us.